Develop grit when things are up in the air

Ditching my fears and replacing them with courage, perseverance and passion, I packed my clothes and walked under the rain. I pulled out my wet suitcase to the train station with one nagging question in my brain. How's my grit?
I didn't care if my clothes were wet nor how many hours to reach my new" home," who will be my roommates and what job to find. Riding a train on a six-hour trip with my wet suitcase was not my dilemma but how to develop grit now that things are up in the air. 
"Rejection and naysayers aren't that vital in the grand scheme of things. So don't let them conquer your mind. Step forward!  Realize your potential. Those with the strength to succeed in the long run are the ones who build themselves up with the bricks others have thrown at them." These quotations played and replayed for six hours in my inquisitive mind. I promised myself not to cry, stay composed and guard my heart with diligence in the midst of uncertainty. 

Light a Fire Under You

Heavy fall of snow with a strong wind hit East Coast, it's a blizzard where there's low visibility  and extremely cold. It's freezing outside and no choice but to stay home.
While partly inserting myself in a gray white striped comforter set, I was engrossed watching Peaceful Warrior. The 2006 movie, which is based on the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, is a true to life story starring Scott Mechlowicz and Nick Nolte. Dan (Scott Mechlowicz) is a gifted athlete whose desire for success drives everything he does. When a mysterious stranger (Nick Nolte) opens Dan's eyes to a new vision of strength and understanding, the Olympic hopeful finds that he still has much to learn and more sacrifices to make.

This inspirational film challenged my perspective to make pivotal changes in myself and light a fire under me.
After watching this beautiful movie, great lessons are worth sharing which I would be generous to share to touch your soul somehow and light a fir…

And I Love You So: A Love Letter to Myself

Dearest Renee,

Thank you for putting yourself together after experiencing abandonment, broken marriage, defeat, betrayal and scarcity.

It's healing to see you not resisting but accepting at the same time moving gradually and surely of what you need and want without overreaching, only self-mastery.

I'm impressed on how you forgave and closed your past without banging the door.

One wintry night we conversed,  I attentively listened to every word you uttered, that self-talk is still vivid in my memory, no gaps nor lapses.  The apartment was dark, no electricity, it was freezing, neighbors were in deep sleep while you were bleeding after a miscarriage, unstoppable tears flowing, the pang of pain was striking yet there's something in your face that was so determined. You told me that athletes suffer physical pains before victory. Sometimes, it takes so many fights to reach their target. With a  deep look, you uttered, "To become a champion in life, need to fight one more …

What is rumbling inside you?

It's a cool weekend at Union Square, Manhattan, the historic intersection and urban park overload with cuteness and a year-round green market, organic fruits, eggs, vegetables from local farmers are very appealing. Pews around the park are inviting to relax, get a free hug from a stranger if you want and take a slice of New York City. Different people from around the globe you can get the chance to meet and observe with unique way of presenting themselves yet you can categorize them and surprisingly different yet almost similar to a degree.

Union Square is one of my favorite places to chill. I can experience a taste of various cuisines in just a few hours. The glimpse of Asia, Europe, Russia and of course America I can personally attest while drinking a Thai iced Tea with a halal Biryani. This is just an example, but really you can explore and in that adventure I can attest how big the world to explore. Fun is the word! I thought it's all fun not until I get acquainted with t…

Not every text warrants an answer

Dawn commences to transit from night to day as Sunday morning twilight colors the sky, I gaze the cockcrowning daybreak full of excitement to experience a fresh day, just by myself without interruptions from the ringing and sounds of my cellphone nor the lengthy traffic.

Walking early in the morning routine changes my mood and stamina, allowing my day to start in a fabulous way by providing my body the exercise it needs and deserves.

While trekking, my mindset creates positive ideas for my next important engagements,  and ignites a sense of possible achievement I can accomplish for today without being stressed out by anything external.

As I finish my three-mile walk I reward myself with medium roast coffee and a piece of everything bagel. Alone but not lonely. I sip gently this deep caramel sweetness  and grateful to relax and take care of me.

My cell phone is silent with several notifications. No pressure to view each text nor a responsibility to return a call. I am dating the most …

Bloom and Blossom

"A flower doesn't compete with the flowers next to it, it just blooms!" This quotation captured my imagination and brought back the youthful vitality in me.
Tapping into my full potential without hesitation,  taking action and not holding back to become the best version of myself. Really? Is this applicable to a single mom like me?
"It's never too late to be what I might have been." Let this profound truth sink in your head. Nothing is wasted in this lifetime. Even our most embarrassing  failures were lessons learned. The worst bankruptcy is when we lose our love of life. Whenever you feel your enthusiasm to live is declining, shift your focus away from what seems to be missing and direct your awareness toward your goal.
The frequency of fear, worry, doubt and criticism will blur you to grab golden opportunities that are available for you to bloom and blossom. 
"Don't talk, just act; don't say, just show; don't promise, just prove!"

How is your emotional hygiene?

Wearing denim shorts with white sneakers, forgetting my skinny jeans for now to give my legs more freedom is my way to keep myself light upfront while sipping dark roast brewed coffee. Looking around at Starbucks,  I see two types of people. The defeated look when life takes its toll and shows in their faces and the second group who project themselves light. I assume the latter are not exempted from stress but their ways of carrying themselves and handling  pressures make the difference.

As a single mom, my responsibilities are enormous and doubled compared to those who have spouses to provide emotional and financial support. With this reality,  I  promised myself to keep my emotional hygiene as much as I pay attention toward my physical health and dental care. Why am I mindful of my emotional hygiene? Oftentimes, we put attention toward our looks, diets, sunblocks,  supplements and physical  exercises. We look great outside but do we really feel great inside? How is our self-talk? W…